Our mission and vision

“We, the people of Huisman create the track record of Huisman. We are the ones who can impact the result of our efforts and set a positive benchmark in the market.”

David Roodenburg, CEO

Our mission

We transform innovative ideas into reliable technical solutions for – and together with – our clients.

We have included the partnership with our clients in our mission, because their reflection and feedback on our ideas, help us to improve them and develop reliable technical solutions.

Our vision

Our vision reflects our perspective for the next five years.

Accelerate growth of renewable energies and (help) make conventional industries more sustainable.

How do we intend to do that?

  • Facilitate offshore wind capacity surge by driving down development costs and speed up wind park delivery
  • Enable geothermal energy to become a viable and competitive renewable energy source in Northern Europe
  • Help oil & gas companies achieve their net-zero emission targets
  • Provide sustainable solutions for mineral mining operations driven by increasing electrification
  • Fuel the circular economy by extending product lifetime and valorisation of industrial waste. 


Our mission and vision have strong foundation: our company values.
Our values are representative of what we want our clients, our people and other stakeholders to experience when they interact with Huisman worldwide.