How nice that you are interested in graduating or doing an internship at Huisman. Right now, there are 12 students graduating and 5 students doing an internship at Huisman. We expect to start recruiting candidates for our graduation projects and internships as of 1 April 2021. If leave your details in our job alert function, you will be the first to be informed about our vacancies!

To help you prepare for your application at Huisman, you will find a number of tips & tricks below.

First, we would like to know more about you:
• Tell us about what kind of work you do now and what you study
• Tell us about your motivation for the graduation project and choosing Huisman
• How do you improve on your weak points
• In which work environment do you feel comfortable?
• Which personal characteristics will be of beneficial for Huisman?

In addition, it is important to prepare your CV diligently:
• Choose a writing style that suits you, this does not have to be a very formal style
• Write in the present tense
• Have someone check your resume and cover letter before applying
• Make sure your cover letter is not a repeat of your CV
• Make a pdf of your CV and cover letter

We hope we got you started. Good luck!

Student associations and societies

The students of today are the talents of our future. At Huisman, we are working closely with various student associations and societies. Initiatives vary from company visits (prior to corona or with corona restrictions) where we enable students to learn more about our company, disciplines, products and culture, to visits to technical universities and colleges. Together with for instance TU Delft, we organise various student challenges, educational events and company presentations related to specific innovations, projects or research and development initiatives.

Questions or interested in a cooperation with Huisman? We look forward to discussing the options for student associations and societies with you. Please contact our campus recruiter Ewelina Miller.