Huisman Young Professionals

Huisman Young Professionals is just one of the many great reasons to join our team! Our social network for employees up to and including 35 years of age, Huisman Young Professionals contributes towards the excellent working atmosphere at our company and encourages a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

With Huisman Young Professionals we encourage our young employees to become more involved in our organisation and to stimulate their personal development.

A fun way to meet people

Of course, it’s also about having fun! The Huisman Young Professionals Board organises a range of different activities such as workshops, lectures, drinks, and other social activities. You will find a broad mix of people representing the diverse roles within our company.

Huisman Young Professions is an excellent opportunity to get to know our company better, including our products, departments – and your new colleagues.

When you come on board at Huisman, you can be sure of a warm welcome from Huisman Young Professionals. We're looking forward to meeting you!