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Having started out as an engineer, he is now active in sales, the preliminary stage. Arnold van der Linde - Tender & Concepts Engineer - knows what he is talking about when he sits down with a client. Especially when it’s about huge cranes, his speciality. “No question is too absurd. We totally tailor our cranes to the requirements of the client.

 “Our impact is to rise to every challenge and come up with innovative solutions.”

Arnold van der Linde, Tender & Concepts Engineer

From engineer to technical sales man, how did that U-turn come about?
“When I started my career at Huisman, there was a shortage of Concept Engineers for cranes. As time went by, I developed into an all-round Engineer at Huisman. With that background, I fully involve the client in the entire process in my current role. I make the first design, which is then sent back and forth a couple of times, until we have a fitting crane design.” Smiling: “At Huisman the possibilities are limitless, if something interests you, you can dive into it and improve yourself.”

What is your perspective on the future?  
Sustainability has become more and more important these past few years and this development will continue. Huisman responds to that, for example in the field of cranes. One of the major trends in the last few years has been the shift towards selling electric cranes only, as these are so much more energy-efficient than the hydraulic ones. In addition, we see a huge demand in offshore wind. Recent orders are wind-oriented, like large installation cranes and grippers. Other sustainable solutions we are currently designing are the implementation of electric energy storage, like fly wheels, batteries and super capacitors. Our customers think future-oriented and we rise to every challenge with them.”

Can you give us an example of a step changing solution?
‘’We have come up with a solution for installing wind turbine components from a floating vessel. This means the ship no longer needs to be lifted out of the water, like with the conventional jack-up vessels.”

What is the advantage of that?
“It saves the client valuable installation time. This is the impact of Huisman in a nutshell: always coming up with new innovative solutions. Rise to every challenge. A great product at the end of the day gives you a fantastic feeling!”

How do you recognise a Huisman colleague?
“By his or her sound common sense. Our attitude of actions speak louder than words. Just do your job and use your common sense. And, an eye for small details is what characterises us.”

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