Huisman Careers

What to expect when you join Huisman? Regardless of your position or where in the world you will be working: expect a challenging position in an international organisation. You are part of a dynamic and professional company where innovation, quality, flexibility and creativity are key. You directly or indirectly contribute to the development of innovative technologies and exciting renewable projects.

Why Huisman?

The complete design and production of our often step changing technical solutions are done in-house and we deliver turn-key products to our clients worldwide. In addition to our inspiring atmosphere, we offer an excellent benefits package tailored to your background and experience. Personal development and education opportunities are part of the deal. And let’s not forget another pro, our very own bar. 

Our culture

Huisman operates around the world and people from all over the world work at Huisman. In other words, we employ people from various countries, with various nationalities. We are a privately owned company. Our culture is open, informal, no-nonsense with short communication and decision making lines.

We are committed to your personal well-being. In addition, we aim to play a positive role in the communities we work in, we respect and care for the environment and your safety and we aim to conduct our business dealings openly and with integrity. View our company values.

Safety and efficiency

In our world, safety always comes first and is integrated in everything we do. According to the Huisman view on engineering, there is always a better and more efficient solution possible. Therefore, we are constantly looking to change, improve and enhance our products applications, efficiency and safety. Whether you are a Manager, an Engineer or a Production Employee, at Huisman we all share the same passion for technical innovation, safety and efficiency.