Terms of employment

Salary and benefit package

Our salary levels and benefits package are good and competitive with the industry and market. Your salary depends on your position, your experience and your input and efforts. We will evaluate your personal performance and ambitions twice a year to make sure to facilitate you in the best possible way.


Our departments worldwide work closely together and challenge each other to continuously improve on quality, during the entire work process. What is designed on one continent is created on another. Working for Huisman means that you will be able to follow your project from the drawing table up to the assembly in our own factories to final installation and service on board. Closely cooperating with colleagues, in different parts of the world.

You will have the opportunity to tackle challenging and large projects, always working to deliver against tight timescales by ‘doing it right the first time’. You will work alongside professionals and experts, individuals who will be pushing you to innovate, take ownership and apply your knowledge and skills. New opportunities constantly arise as our business develops and expands. You can go as far as your talent, imagination and drive take you.

Vacation and ATV days

With a full-time employment contract, you are entitled to 29 vacation days per year. In addition you have the option of purchasing additional leave days on top of the vacation days per calendar year.

Travel allowance

You are entitled to a travel allowance for commuting, regardless of how you travel to and from work, unless you are eligible for a company car. The full scheme is stated in our employment regulations, which you will receive when you start working at Huisman.


As soon as you start working for Huisman, you build up pension. The premium for the pension scheme is partly paid by Huisman and partly by you (only 3,6% personal contribution). Huisman also pays all costs associated with the pension scheme.

Referral bonus

Huisman has a referral program because we believe in the strength of our employees' network. If you nominate an employee and he or she is selected for a position, you will receive a referral bonus as appreciation for your mediation when he or she actually starts with us. 

Collective schemes

Huisman offers employees a number of attractive collective schemes, such as accident insurance and disability insurance. In addition, we offer our employees collective health insurance. This way you can participate in a health insurance at an attractive discount. As soon as you start working at Huisman, you immediately have the opportunity to participate. 

Working abroad

When you are assigned for a position abroad, you can rely on good posting conditions. We offer excellent conditions for short term and long term assignments and Expat contracts. You will be informed about these during the selection procedure.