Accredited work placement company

Think big. Make big. 

In our production hall in Schiedam, we build the world's largest and heaviest cranes and the latest offshore wind equipment. We design, build, and maintain the largest and heaviest equipment. We belong to the best in the world. Just like our clients. They are global players in the offshore wind, geothermal, oil & gas, leisure, and civil sectors.

Will you come and make it with us in Schiedam?

You will work four days and go to school one day. We pay for this day too, of course. And once you work at Huisman, you'll have every opportunity to take more training courses. We are an accredited work placement company and contribute to your future and that of craftmanship.

What else makes working at Huisman so special? Much of what we do has never been built before. That makes it unique!

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We train crafts(wo)men - SBB