Geothermal Energy

Huisman has been designing and building offshore drilling rigs for decades. The step Huisman took to develop onshore drilling rigs in addition to offshore rigs ten years ago, was therefore a logical one. Although we have been involved in geothermal drilling projects since 2009, Huisman founded Huisman Geo in 2018 to give the development of sustainable solutions for affordable and clean energy on land our special focus. The design and manufacturing knowledge available at Huisman, combined with operational experience in the European and American hydrocarbon and geothermal terrestrial drilling markets, made Huisman Geo a major player in the geothermal field in a relatively short time.

Reducing the investment and operating costs of large geothermal projects is one of the goals of Huisman Geo. The very small footprint and containerised design of our land derrick provides excellent mobility and makes the tower suitable for drilling in urban areas. Recent projects include the drilling of geothermal wells in the city centre of The Hague and in Bergschenhoek, both in the Netherlands. Huisman Geo is currently researching, together with TNO and ENGIE, a new drilling technique to make the production of geothermal heat from thin reservoirs economically feasible.


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View our products on our corporate website.