Civil Engineering

Civil engineering has been in our genes since the very beginning. After all these years, the development and construction of heavy lifting and transport equipment still connects seamlessly with Huisman's core competencies. Huisman's leading role in this market is a direct result of a trait that has been anchored in our genes for many years; see if it can be done better and more efficiently.


An insight into our civil industrial projects: For the construction of the 18km long bridge over the Storebælt (the ‘Great Belt’ bridge) the 'Svanen' was built. Huisman delivered the 7,000mt lifting frame and hoisting system. Nowadays, the 'Svanen' is mainly used for offshore wind turbine installation.

A few 100km away in Denenmarken, at the Nyborg construction site, Huisman provided the engineering and construction of all skidding, pushing and jacking systems. These were necessary for handling the concrete bridge elements with a weight of up to 6500mt. All drive movements of the skid and push units are fully automatic, the skid units are equipped with an automatic control system to guarantee safety and accuracy.


Huisman also designed and built two 8,200mt transporters for the Northumberland Strait Crossing Project in Canada. A vertical jack was installed in the centre of the skid unit to lift and rotate the load. The drive and control system was optimised to maintain a skidding speed of maximum 200 m/h.

View our products on our corporate website.

View our products on our corporate website.