Student Event Control Systems

On 18 September, in the week before the tightened Corona measures came into effect, 20 students took part in the Control Systems Student Meeting. The meeting took place at Huisman in Schiedam.

In the past year, Huisman hired 10 Control Systems (CS) starters and 5 CS work students. Due to the good match between the vacancies of Huisman and the CS discipline, Huisman organised this event in collaboration with the Kalman student association. The purpose of the meeting was to give more information about working at Huisman and the role of CS Engineer within Huisman. The entire programme was organised around answering the questions on what you do as CS Engineering, what your options are and which projects you will be working on. A tour around our premises and BBQ were part of the event, and ofcourse we followed the Corona regulations followed.

“Huisman is an innovative company with various growth opportunities in a dynamic environment. The perfect place to put theory into practice.”

Olav Jacobs, IC&T/Systems Engineer Huisman

CEO David Roodenburg, welcomed the students. Jelmer Braaksma together with Matthijs Stofregen, both Principal Engineer at Huisman, talked about innovation within Huisman, after which Richard Everdink (Discipline Lead Field Engineering CS) explained what to expect as CS Engineer within Huisman.











Kevin van Osnabrugge (Field Engineer) then talked about how testing on a location /aboard works and that there are many possibilities within Huisman, also in the field. Tamme Dijkstra (Principal Engineer) explained how IC&T testing and implementation of our systems work.


Olav Jacobs, one of our recently started colleagues (starter IC&T/ System Engineer) then shared his own experiences and talked about what it is like to work for Huisman as a starting IC&T/ System Engineer.

We closed the day with a corona-proof BBQ.