2x10,000mt Tub Mounted Cranes

Huisman developed 2x 10,000mt Tub Mounted Cranes for Heerema’s Sleipnir, a semi-submersible crane vessel. The new build 2x 10,000mt TMC Cranes are the world’s largest Tub Cranes. The two cranes are able to lift 10,000mt at 48m radius in offshore conditions. 

Lifting capacity

Unlike traditional Tub Cranes which make use of either bogies or large wheels for their slew system, the Huisman cranes make use of large bearings of own design which are manufactured in-house. This technique represents a step change in the crane industry, and was previously used successfully on the 5,000mt Offshore Mast Crane for the ‘Seven Borealis’ and the 4,000mt Offshore Mast Crane for Heerema’s ‘Aegir”. 

Effiency in practice

The use of bearings on the 2x10,000mt Heerema cranes instead of the traditional slew systems allows for very accurate control of the slewing motion of the crane and requires very little maintenance. Another large benefit of using a bearing is a very significant weight saving. Especially on semisubmersibles this is an important feature. The slew bearings of these cranes have a diameter of 30m.

The cranes further feature a 2,500mt aux hoist and a whip hoist with a maximum reach of 155m. The main hoist, in a reduced reeving, can lift 1,000mt to 1,000m water depth and is fitted with active heave compensation.




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