Leg Encircling Cranes

The Huisman Leg Encircling Crane is lightweight and reliable, with high positioning accuracy and is highly energy efficient, contributing to a reduced emissions footprint during the installation of increasingly large offshore wind turbines.

The crane is prepared for the next generation of tagline systems, with improved capabilities for installing next-generation wind turbines in more challenging conditions. Furthermore, the crane is optimized for the installation of fixed foundations in combination with Huisman's portfolio of Monopile Grippers and Pre-Piling Templates.

The crane has a small slewing radius, providing optimal deck space. The theme of reliability and ease of maintenance continues in the design of the slewing bearing. Huisman's in-house designed multi-segment construction ensures ease of inspection and maintenance.

/ features

  • A fully electrically powered system, resulting in high positioning accuracy, efficient energy usage, reduced maintenance, and high reliability. 
  • An in-house developed slewing bearing system that ensures highly reliable and precise positioning of the crane.
  • A unique boom design that provides a lightweight and rigid structure, limiting movements at the crane tip. 
  • Small rear swing, maximizing the available deck space. 
  • Includes preparations for the next generation of tagline systems. 
  • Capable of being used in combination with Huisman's portfolio of Pile Grippers and Pre-Piling Templates.

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Interns & Graduates

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  • Schiedam, The Netherlands
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