Composite Tubulars

Preserving well integrity is a primary responsibility and minimising total cost of ownership is of utmost importance (especially within geothermal projects).

Huisman Composite Tubulars are inert to downhole corrosion and provide an excellent everlasting smooth pathway for production fluids.

/ features

  • No corrosion: Huisman Composite Tubulars are naturally inert to downhole corrosion.
  • Reduced scaling: maximum production is maintained by the smooth low friction surface, further mitigating scale build up and reducing losses.
  • Maximum production efficiency: Huisman Composite Tubulars proprietary slender connections assure maximum internal diameter availability, providing unrivalled pump efficiency.
  • Designed and tested to last: Huisman Composite Tubulars innovative technology is designed and tested to last for up to 30 years in downhole applications.
  • Robust and versatile: viscously strong & robust non-metallic material that's ready for conventional equipment and procedures.
  • 80% lighter than steel: enabling safer and rigless running operations.
  • Logging through tubulars: Huisman Composite Tubulars are transparent for electromagnetic logging.