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Here you will find the latest news about Huisman and events that are related to recruitment and employee engagement.

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Timon’s idea is an accelerator for innovation

The Proteus Challenge is an ideation challenge to help support increased sustainability within our company.

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Huisman to increase sustainability of manufacturering process

Huisman has announced its intention to launch a Sustainable Impact Assessment to determine the carbon footprint of its products, from design up to and including delivery. The data will be used to provide insight into how the company can further reduce the CO2 footprint of its products.

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A new little forest is growing

There is now a new little forest growing on our planet. Back in May, we started the Proteus Challenge, a call to the people of our organisation to share their ideas that would make our company – and the wider world – more sustainable. And share what they did!

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Huisman launches 700mt Travelling Quayside Crane

Huisman has developed a 700mt Travelling Quayside Crane for the load-out of offshore wind turbine components. The move comes as a result of rising demand for large, 2,600mt and 4,000mt Skyhook Cranes for the load-out of foundation pieces and installation of floating turbines.

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Experience the future at Huisman

See how Huisman is preparing its innovations in support of the energy transition. Students of technical disciplines are invited to apply to attend the second internal Huisman Technical Fair on Wednesday, 15 June at our Schiedam location.

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LED Engineering Business Day 2022

Huisman will attend the LED Engineering (Life Science, Engineering & Design) Business Day on 11 May in Enschede. At the event, we will speak with students from Saxion University of Applied Sciences about the various career opportunities within Huisman.

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Huisman to present at Control Career Fair

Huisman will deliver a presentation at the CCF Control Career Fair 2022 on 9 May in Delft. The annual fair is arranged by D.S.A Kalman, STABILO and Asimov, societies representing students, respectively, in Control Engineering at the Delft Center for Systems and Control, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and the department of Cognitive Robotics at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

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Huisman awarded contract for rock installation equipment

Huisman has announced the award of a contract from USA-based Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC (GLDD), for the delivery of rock installation equipment. The equipment, which is to be installed on the company’s newbuild rock installation vessel, will support the development of offshore renewable energy production in US waters.

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NieuweWarmteNu! receives conditional grant

The National Growth Fund has granted the NieuweWarmteNu! (NWN!) the consortium, of which Huisman is a partner, a conditional contribution. When the award becomes final, a maximum of ten collective heat projects in the built environment and greenhouse horticulture can be developed as a replacement for heating with natural gas.

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Huisman reaches 100 Mast Crane track record

With the delivery of two Heavy Lift Mast Cranes (HLMC) for Spliethoff, Huisman has reached a track record of 100 Mast Cranes. The first one of its kind, built in 1984, is still performing excellently today aboard BigLift Shipping’s heavy lift vessel Happy Buccaneer.

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Huisman Geo and Ed. Züblin AG awarded contract for Deutsche ErdWärme

Huisman Geo, together with consortium partner Ed. Züblin AG, both drilling and geothermal energy specialists, have been awarded the overall contract for up to eight geothermal boreholes in the central Upper Rhine region in Germany. Drilling activities at the first project in Graben-Neudorf to start in May 2022.

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Huisman to reduce business transport emissions by 50%

We have committed ourselves to the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of our commuting and business traffic in the Netherlands 50% by 2030. Together with over 30 Rotterdam based employers, we are united in the climate alliance Sustainable Mobility.

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